Every field, every farm, every stream has a part to play in reducing flooding, water conservation and erosion control

Adaption to Climate Change

Onderwijsboulevard 225
5223 DE 's-Hertogenbosch

Bart Bardoel

+31 6 21212438

[email protected]

Partner Details

ZLTO (Southern Dutch Farmer and Horticulturists Organization)

Thematic competences and experiences relevant for the project:

  • Recruiting and supporting farmers in the floodplains to work to adopt best practice.
  • Development and application of social media tools
  • Hosting demonstrations and training events for farmers, producing practical guides and toolkits.
  • Executing water conservation measures with farmers
  • Executing farming programs with buffer strips to prevent run-off
  • Advising farmers on water related issues

In this project we will work with partners who can give us new and complementary knowledge and measures for executing erosion and water run-off measures. This project also gives us the opportunity to work on the Belgian/Dutch border to implement new measures. We will work on a climate proof water management for our members with our foreign colleagues.

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