Every field, every farm, every stream has a part to play in reducing flooding, water conservation and erosion control

Adaption to Climate Change

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VMM (Flemish Environment Agency)

Flanders Environment Agency (VMM) is an internally independent government agency with powers of jurisdiction under supervision of the Flemish Minister of the Environment, Nature and Agriculture. The mission of VMM is to contribute to the realization of the objectives of the environmental policy by preventing, limiting and eliminating the harmful effects to water systems and the atmosphere and by reporting on the state of the environment and to the realization of the objectives of integrated water management.

During this project an improved sediment model will be built based upon the sediment model already used by VMM. The department of operational water management is leading this action within VMM. They are watercourse manager for non-navigable watercourses. This includes maintenance, dredging works and setting up a sediment monitoring network.

Flanders Environment Agency has no experience with interaction with and approach of farmers. This project will use a new specific approach (bottom up) which will allow us to test pilot measures in practice, apply erosion control measure on a broader scale and gain new knowledge from (international) partners.

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