Every field, every farm, every stream has a part to play in reducing flooding, water conservation and erosion control

Adaption to Climate Change

Brabantse Delta WaterBoard
Bouvignelaan 5
AA Town

Casper Lambregts

+31 76 5641547

[email protected]

Partner Details

Brabantse Delta WaterBoard

Experience in:

  • Planning, implementation, monitoring and evaluation of integrated brook and river basin restoration projects.
  • Multiple stakeholder dialogues and raising public awareness.
  • Advising farmers on sustainable use of water, nutrients and pesticides).
  • Daily maintenance of inland water systems.

In this project we want to collaborate with the different local stakeholders in the field, testing different measures which avoid quick water run-off. We want to make a cross-border approach with the Flemish waterpartners and learn from the approaches from the other European partners in this project. The project gives us information on how to deal with the consequences of climate change and which measures can be best taken, and how to achieve this.

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