Every field, every farm, every stream has a part to play in reducing flooding, water conservation and erosion control

Adaption to Climate Change


Our partnership represents a broad range of catchments from across the 2 Seas area. The knowledge accumulated in this diverse partnership ensures that the outputs of our cross-border cooperation will have general relevance for the whole programme area. In our pilots we cover a wide range of adaptation measures and territorial features. The combined results and findings of the pilots will have significance across the whole 2 Seas area. By working together and integrating expertise from different parts of the 2 Seas areas the responsible public authorities will be able to design more adequate ecosystem-based strategies to prevent and remediate negative effects of climate change.

The partnership includes:

  • Water managers and local authorities who manage flood risk and water resource availability.
  • Farming Intermediary organisations, knowledgeable about farming and trusted by farmers, who act as a link between water managers and farmers.

Further information on each of the partners can be found here.

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