Every field, every farm, every stream has a part to play in reducing flooding, water conservation and erosion control

Adaption to Climate Change

Connected Projects/Works

TRIPLE C capitalizes on the results of several past EU projects (IVA 2 Seas, IVA France–England, IVB NWE, IV Vlaanderen-Nederland, IV France-Wallonia-Flanders):

Interactief Waterbeheer, Natuurlijk Water, ADAFOR, WOW, MESAM, SEDIMENT, Scaldwin. TRIPLE C builds upon this legacy and represents added value by piloting implementation that goes beyond traditional flood and erosion risk management, via a catchment-based approach where the active involvement of local land managers is crucial.

More specifically TRIPLE C builds on:

  • Interactief Waterbeheer - the results made clear that a cross-border vision and cooperation for a sustainable climate-proof water management in the catchment of the Kleine Aa/Molenbeek is needed. Within Triple C we want to enhance the cooperation by making a joint vision/action plan for the catchment and extend the cross-border network
  • Natuurlijk Water – tested an integrated approach to meet the standards for water quality and quantity of the EU Water Framework Directive. The importance of building good relations with farmers was stressed
  • MESAM – implemented measures for erosion control and raised awareness of farmers for the protection of the environment. The findings on how to engage with farmers and water managers will be built upon
  • SCALDWIN – included transboundary monitoring of sediment loads in order to develop a sediment delivery model. In TRIPLE C some important deficiencies will be resolved to improve, extend and globalize the model

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